Seraphim of Sarov

Seraphim of Sarov (Russian: Серафим Саровский; 30 July [O.S. 19 July] 1754 (or 1759)14 January [O.S. 2 January] 1833), born Prókhor Isídorovich Moshnín (Mashnín) [Про́хор Иси́дорович Мошни́н (Машни́н)], is one of the most renowned Russian saints and is venerated in the Eastern Orthodox Church. He is generally considered the greatest of the 18th-century startsy (elders). Seraphim extended the monastic teachings of contemplation, theoria and self-denial to the layperson. He taught that the purpose of the Christian life was to receive the Holy Spirit. Perhaps his most popular quotation amongst his devotees is "acquire a peaceful spirit, and thousands around you will be saved."

Seraphim of Sarov
Russian Icon of Saint Seraphim of Sarov
Confessor and Wonderworker
Born(1754-07-30)30 July 1754
Kursk, Russian Empire
Died2 January 1833(1833-01-02) (aged 78)
Sarov, Russian Empire
Venerated inEastern Orthodox Church Roman Catholic Church Anglican Communion
Canonized19 July 1903 (O.S.), Sarov Monastery by Holy Governing Synod
Major shrineDiveevo Convent, Russia
Feast2 January, 19 July (opening of relics)
AttributesWearing peasant clothing, often kneeling with his hands upraised in prayer; crucifix worn about his neck; hands crossed over chest

Seraphim was glorifed by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1903. Pope John Paul II also referred to him as a saint.[1]

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