Serbia–South Korea relations

South Korea–Serbia relations are foreign relations between South Korea (Republic of Korea or ROK) and Serbia (Republic of Serbia). They established bilateral relations in 1982. South Korea has an embassy in Belgrade and Serbia has an embassy in Seoul.

South Korea–Serbia relations

South Korea


Establishment of diplomatic relations

South Korea established former diplomatic relations with The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFR Yugoslavia or SFRY) on December 27, 1982. Both countries opened resident embassies in February 1990. Korean foreign minister Choe Ho-jung visited Yugoslavia in March 1990. Yugoslav president Borisav Jović visited South Korea and arranged an air transport agreement in the same year in November.

Diplomatic cessation

While the Yugoslav wars raged, the South Korean embassy withdrew from Serbia in January 1993. Then they maintained deputy diplomatic ties until June 1998. South Korea fully withdrew from Serbia in June 1998 and the Korean embassy in Romania held additional post of an embassy to Serbia. Serbia also withdrew from South Korea in March 1999 and the Serbian embassy in Japan held additional post of an embassy to South Korea.

Restart and stability of diplomatic relations

South Korea reopened embassy in Serbia on March 4, 2002. Serbia reopened embassy in South Korea in March 2004. The same year, KOTRA(Korea Trade Promotion Corporation) opened trade building in Belgrade. Serbian Ministry of Trade & Industry and Korea International Trade Association(KITA) concluded cooperation agreement in October 2005. South Korea and Serbia made an agreement on amity on May 16, 2006.

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