Serdika or Serdica is the historical Roman name of Sofia, now the capital of Bulgaria, and is also the name of a district (Bulgarian: Сердика [ˈsɛrdikɐ])[1] located in the center of the city. It includes four neighbourhoods: "Fondovi zhilishta"; "Banishora", "Orlandovtsi" and "Malashevtsi" as well as the central parts of "Draz mahala". It has an area of 17.53 km² that counts for 1,3% of the total Capital Municipality area and 8,8% of the city proper. As of 2006 Serdica has a population of 52,918.

There are 6 kindergartens, 13 schools and 6 chitalishta in the territory of the district. Healthcare infrastructure includes II and V City Hospitals; Institute of Transport Medicine and two polyclinics. The Central Railway Station; Central Bus Station and Lavov most are also located in Serdica.