Rugby Europe Sevens

The Rugby Europe Sevens are a series of rugby sevens tournaments held by Rugby Europe. It was formerly known as the FIRA-AER Sevens until 2013, and the Sevens Grand Prix Series until 2021.[1] Only one annual tournament existed prior to 2011, when Rugby Europe created a series of tournaments, following the model of the World Rugby Sevens Series. The main division is known as the Rugby Europe Championship Series, formerly known the Grand Prix, followed by the Trophy Series, and Conference 1.[1] The competitions use a promotion/relegation system.

Rugby Europe Sevens
Current season, competition or edition:
2021 Rugby Europe Sevens Championship Series
SportRugby sevens
Founded2002 (initially)
2011 (reformed)
No. of teams12
Most recent
 Spain (1st title)
Most titles Portugal (8 titles)

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