Shaba II

Shaba II was a brief conflict fought in the Zairean province of Shaba (now Katanga) in 1978. The conflict broke out on 11 May 1978 after 6,500 rebels from the Congolese National Liberation Front (FNLC), a Katangese separatist militia, crossed the border from Angola into Zaire in an attempt to achieve the province's secession from the Zairian regime of Mobutu Sese Seko. The FNLC captured the important mining town of Kolwezi.[2]

Shaba II
Part of the Shaba Invasions and the Cold War

Location of Shaba in Zaire.
DateMay 11 – June 1978
Result Zairian victory; mutual end of support for other nations' rebel groups
State of Katanga FNLC
Commanders and leaders
State of Katanga Nathaniel Mbumba
Casualties and losses
14 killed
8 wounded[1]
500 killed
11 killed
20 wounded
1 killed
1 paratrooper killed
European civilians:
120 killed[1]
United States:[1]
1 aircraft slightly damaged
1 crewman wounded
250 killed
160 captured

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