Shadow Cabinet of Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband became Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition upon being elected to the former post on 25 September 2010. The election was triggered by Gordon Brown's resignation following the party's fall from power at the 2010 general election, which yielded a Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition. Miliband appointed his first Shadow Cabinet in October 2010, following the Labour Party's Shadow Cabinet elections. These elections were the last such elections before they were abolished in 2011.

Miliband Shadow Cabinet

Shadow Cabinet of the United Kingdom
Date formed25 September 2010
Date dissolved8 May 2015
People and organisations
MonarchElizabeth II
Leader of the OppositionEd Miliband
Shadow Deputy Prime MinisterHarriet Harman
Member party
  •   Labour Party
Status in legislatureOfficial Opposition
Election(s)2010 Labour leadership election
Outgoing election2015 general election
Legislature term(s)55th UK Parliament
PredecessorFirst Shadow Cabinet of Harriet Harman
SuccessorSecond Shadow Cabinet of Harriet Harman

Miliband conducted two major reshuffles in 2011 and 2013, with a number of minor changes throughout his term.

Following the 2015 general election and Miliband's resignation, acting leader Harriet Harman announced a new shadow cabinet to last until the election of a new party leader in September 2015.