Shadow Cabinet of Iain Duncan Smith

The UK Shadow Cabinet (see also Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet (UK)) was appointed by Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith. Following his initial appointments in September 2001 Smith managed three reshuffles before his resignation as leader in November 2003.

Duncan Smith Shadow Cabinet

Shadow Cabinet of the United Kingdom
Date formed13 September 2001
Date dissolved6 November 2003
People and organisations
MonarchElizabeth II
Leader of the OppositionIain Duncan Smith
Deputy Leader of the OppositionMichael Ancram
Member party
  •   Conservative Party
Status in legislatureOfficial Opposition
Election(s)2001 Conservative leadership election
Outgoing election2003 Conservative Party leadership election
Legislature term(s)53rd UK Parliament
PredecessorShadow Cabinet of William Hague
SuccessorShadow Cabinet of Michael Howard