Shooting at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Men's 50 metre rifle prone

Men's 50 metre rifle prone (then known as small-bore free rifle) was one of the thirteen shooting events at the 1992 Summer Olympics. It was the first Olympic competition after the introduction of the new target in 1989, and thus two Olympic records were set. The first was set by Hubert Bichler with 598 points in the qualification round. All his seven adversaries in the final started just one point behind him on 597. Two of them, Lee Eun-chul and Harald Stenvaag, surpassed him to win gold and silver respectively, with Lee establishing a new final Olympic record. Stevan Pletikosić finished on exactly the same score as Bichler, and the rules at the time broke the tie by best final score, giving Pletikosić the bronze medal.

Men's 50 metre rifle prone
at the Games of the XXV Olympiad
VenueMollet del Vallès
Competitors52 from 34 nations
Winning score702.5 (OR)
Lee Eun-chul  South Korea
Harald Stenvaag  Norway
Stevan Pletikosić  Independent Olympic Participants

Qualification round

1Hubert Bichler Germany 598Q OR
2Harald Stenvaag Norway 597Q
3Stevan Pletikosić Independent Olympic Participants 597Q
4Juha Hirvi Finland 597Q
5Peter Gabrielsson Sweden 597Q
6Michel Bury France 597Q
7Hrachya Petikyan Unified Team 597Q
8Lee Eun-chul South Korea 597Q
9William E. Meek United States 596
10Bernd Rücker Germany 596
11Jens Harskov Denmark 596
11Jiang Rong China 596
11Olimpiu Marin Romania 596
11Wolfram Waibel, Jr. Austria 596
15Michael James Ashcroft Canada 595
15Nils Petter Håkedal Norway 595
15Zsolt Vari Hungary 595
18Michael Anti United States 594
18Cha Young-chul South Korea 594
18Tadeusz Czerwinski Poland 594
18Rajmond Debevec Slovenia 594
18Ralph Rodríguez Puerto Rico 594
18Andreas Zumbach Switzerland 594
24Michel Dion Canada 593
24Kirill Ivanov Unified Team 593
26Jean-Pierre Amat France 592
26Jorge González Spain 592
26Akihiro Mera Japan 592
26Jari Pälve Finland 592
26Attila Zahonyi Hungary 592
31Milan Bakeš Czechoslovakia 591
31Bo Arne Gerhard Lilja Denmark 591
31Goran Maksimović Independent Olympic Participants 591
31Bruce Meredith Virgin Islands 591
31Ricardo Rusticucci Argentina 591
31Miroslav Varga Czechoslovakia 591
31Wolfram Waibel, Sr. Austria 591
31Petar Dimitrov Zapryanov Bulgaria 591
39Massimo Birindelli Italy 590
39Menachem Ilan Israel 590
39Pang Yongying China 590
42Stephen Kelly Petterson New Zealand 589
43Khalaf Al Khatri Oman 588
43Alister Miller Allan Great Britain 588
43Manfred Fiess South Africa 588
43Ryohei Koba Japan 588
43Jacek Kubka Poland 588
48Jaime Pares Criville Spain 587
49Hugo Romero Ecuador 585
50Carl Johan Eiriksson Iceland 583
50Norbert Sturny Switzerland 583
52Satiender Sehmi Kenya 579

OR Olympic record – Q Qualified for final


 Lee Eun-chul (KOR) 597105.5702.5OR
 Harald Stenvaag (NOR) 597104.4701.4
 Stevan Pletikosić (IOP) 597104.1701.1
4 Hubert Bichler (GER) 598103.1701.1
5 Michel Bury (FRA) 597103.0700.0
6 Juha Hirvi (FIN) 597102.5699.5?
7 Peter Gabrielsson (SWE) 597102.5699.5?
8 Hrachya Petikyan (EUN) 597102.2699.2

OR Olympic record


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