Siebmachers Wappenbuch

Siebmachers Wappenbuch (German: [ˈziːpmaxɐs ˈvapm̩buːx]) is a roll of arms first published in 1605 as two heraldic multivolume book series of armorial bearings or coats of arms of the nobility of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as coats of arms of city-states and some burgher families. Founded and compiled by Johann Ambrosius Siebmacher (1561 – 23 March 1611), a German heraldic artist, copperplate engraver, etcher and publisher from Nuremberg, these works became an important source of heraldry of the German-speaking regions.

Page extract from Neuer Siebmacher, illustrating the coat-of-arms of ducal families
Emblem of the Holy Roman Emperor

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