Siege of Bharatpur (1805)

The Siege of Bharatpur took place between 2 January and 22 February 1805 in the Indian Princely state of Bharatpur (now part of Rajasthan), during the Second Anglo-Maratha War. Forces of the British East India Company, led by General Gerard Lake, were four times repulsed in attempts to storm the fortress. The victory of Jats at Bharatpur backed by Maratha Empire was an embarrassing defeat for the British.

Siege of Bharatpur
Part of Second Anglo-Maratha War

Colonel Maitland at Bhurtpore
Date2 January – 22 February 1805
Result Jat/Bharatpur and Holkars victory[1]

Bharatpur State

Holkar Clan
East India Company
Commanders and leaders

Ranjit Singh

Yashwantrao Holkar
Gerard Lake
10,000 18,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown, but less 3,292
Location within Rajasthan
Bharatpur (India)

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