Siege of Verona

The Siege of Verona in the winter of 541, was an engagement during the Gothic War (535–554).[1] Led by Totila, the Ostrogoths successfully defended the city against the numerically superior Byzantine army.

Siege of Verona (541)
Date541 AD
Result Ostrogothic victory
Eastern Roman Empire Ostrogoths
Commanders and leaders
12,000 Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown


The Romans besieged the city with some 12,000 troops.[2][1] During the siege, a local guard of the Ostrogoth army collaborated with the Romans, and let them enter the city.[3] Being forced to retreat out of the city, the Ostrogoths took advantage of the disorganized Roman army, most of whom were still located outside the city and were preoccupied with arguing over the "distribution" of the loot; with the gate still open, the Ostrogoths rushed inside and attacked the Romans from inside the city.[4] Those Romans who already happened to be inside the city, where thus forced to "jump" out of it, in order to get away.[4]

After the Byzantines lifted the siege, Totila pursued, and defeated them at the Battle of Faventia.[1]


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