Sigmoid colon

The sigmoid colon (or pelvic colon) is the part of the large intestine that is closest to the rectum and anus. It forms a loop that averages about 35–40 centimetres (14–16 in) in length. The loop is typically shaped like a Greek letter sigma (ς) or Latin letter S (thus sigma + -oid). This part of the colon normally lies within the pelvis, but due to its freedom of movement it is liable to be displaced into the abdominal cavity.[citation needed]

Sigmoid colon
Drawing of colon seen from front
(sigmoid colon coloured blue)
Front of abdomen, showing surface markings for liver, stomach and large intestine
Part ofLarge intestine
SystemDigestive system
ArterySigmoid branches of inferior mesenteric artery
NerveInferior mesenteric ganglia and sacral nerve[1]
LatinColon sigmoideum
Anatomical terminology

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