Six-Day War (2000)

The Six-Day War (French: Guerre des Six Jours) was a series of armed confrontations between Ugandan and Rwandan forces around the city of Kisangani in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 5 to 10 June 2000. The war formed part of the wider Second Congo War (1998–2003).

Six-Day War
Part of the Second Congo War

Memorial cemetery of the Guerre des Six Jours of 2000
Date5–10 June 2000

Rwandan victory

  • Rwandan forces take Kisangani
  • Ugandan army withdraws north
  • Capture of Ugandan senior officers
 Rwanda  Uganda
Commanders and leaders
Emmanuel Karenzi Karake James Kazini[1]
Casualties and losses
Unknown ~2,475 killed (estimate)[2]
1,576 killed (estimate)
3,000 wounded (estimate)[3]

Kisangani was also a scene of violence between Rwandan and Ugandan troops in August 1999 and 5 May 2000. However, the conflicts of June 2000 were the most lethal and seriously damaged a large part of the city, with more than 6,600 rounds fired.[4]

According to Justice et Libération, a human rights organisation based in Kisangani, the violence resulted in around 1,000 deaths and wounded at least 3,000, the majority of whom were civilians.[3]

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