Skillet Lickers

The Skillet Lickers were an old-time band from Georgia, United States.

The Skillet Lickers

When Gid Tanner teamed up with blind guitarist Riley Puckett and signed to Columbia in 1924,[1] they created the label's earliest so-called "hillbilly" recording. Gid Tanner formed The Skillet Lickers in 1926.[1] The first line-up was Gid Tanner, Riley Puckett, Clayton McMichen and Fate Norris.[1] Between 1926 and 1931 they recorded 88 sides for Columbia, with 82 of them commercially issued.[1] Later members were Lowe Stokes, Bert Layne, Hoke Rice, Arthur Tanner and Hoyt "Slim" Bryant.[1] Their best-selling single was "Down Yonder", a hillbilly breakdown, in 1934 on RCA Victor.[1] They disbanded in 1931, but reformed for occasional recordings after a couple of years with a changing line-up.[1] "Back Up and Push" was another well-known recording. The Skillet Lickers, together with fellow North Georgians Fiddlin' John Carson and the Georgia Yellow Hammers, made Atlanta and North Georgia an early center of old-time string band music, especially the hard-driving fiddle-based style employed by each of these performers.

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