Slavsky District

Slavsky District (Russian: Сла́вский райо́н) is an administrative district (raion), one of the fifteen in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia.[1] As a municipal division, it is incorporated as Slavsky Municipal District.[6] It is located in the northern and central parts of the oblast. The area of the district is 1,349 square kilometers (521 sq mi).[3] Its administrative center is the town of Slavsk.[2] Population: 21,015(2010 Census);[4] 21,918 (2002 Census);[8] 20,864(1989 Census).[9] The population of Slavsk accounts for 22.0% of the district's total population.[4]

Slavsky District
Славский район
Landscape in Slavsky District
Location of Slavsky District in Kaliningrad Oblast
Coordinates: 55°03′N 21°40′E
Federal subjectKaliningrad Oblast[1]
Administrative centerSlavsk[2]
  Total1,349 km2 (521 sq mi)
19,290 (−8.2%)
  Density16/km2 (40/sq mi)
Administrative structure
  Administrative divisions1 Towns of district significance, 3 Rural okrugs
  Inhabited localities[2]1 Cities/towns, 57 Rural localities
Municipal structure
  Municipally incorporated asSlavsky Municipal District[6]
  Municipal divisions[6]1 Urban settlements, 3 Rural settlements
Time zoneUTC+2 (MSK–1 [7])
OKTMO ID27727000

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