Slovak Greek Catholic Church

The Slovak Greek Catholic Church (Slovak: Gréckokatolícka cirkev na Slovensku, "Greek-Catholic Church in Slovakia"; Latin: Ecclesia Graeco Catholica Slovacica), or Slovak Byzantine Catholic Church, is a metropolitan sui iuris Eastern Catholic particular church in full communion with the Catholic Church and the Pope of Rome. Its liturgical rite is the Byzantine Rite. In 2008 in Slovakia alone, the Slovak Greek Catholic Church had some 350,000 faithful, 374 priests and 254 parishes. In 2017, the Catholic Church counted 211,208 Slovak Greek Catholics worldwide, representing roughly one percent of all Eastern Catholics.[2]

Slovak Greek Catholic Church
ClassificationEastern Catholic
OrientationEastern Christianity
TheologyCatholic theology
PrimateMetropolitan Ján Babjak
AssociationsCongregation for the Oriental Churches
RegionSlovakia, with communities in Canada
LiturgyByzantine Rite
HeadquartersPrešov, Slovakia
Other name(s)Slovak Byzantine Catholic Church

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