Social Democratic Initiative (Kosovo)

The Social Democratic Initiative (Albanian: Nisma Socialdemokrate) also known as NISMA, is a political party in Kosovo formed by Fatmir Limaj and Jakup Krasniqi, former members of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK).

Social Democratic Initiative
Nisma Socialdemokrate
LeaderFatmir Limaj
SecretaryBilall Sherifi
Founded28 February 2014
Split fromDemocratic Party
IdeologySocial democracy[1]
Political positionCentre-left[2]
ColoursOrange, white
0 / 120
1 / 38
Municipal councils
50 / 994

Limaj is party leader. Secretary Jakup Krasniqi's involvement in the Pronto Affair wiretapping scandal was the culmination of a split of PDK. Sami Lushtaku (mayor of Skenderaj and PDK leader) together with Prime Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi and Adem Grabovci, had insulted the Chairman of the Assembly of Kosovo Jakup Krasniqi and offended citizens of Mališevo, referring to them as dog walkers.


In the 2013 Kosovan local elections Limaj abandoned PDK to support the Civic Initiative for Malishevo (Albanian: Iniciativa Qytetare për Malishevën) and (winning) mayoral candidate Ragip Begaj, ending 15 years of PDK government. Kosovo Liberation Army leader and PDK co-founder left the party with Jakup Krasniqi Chairman of the Assembly of Kosovo. Jakup Krasniqi was elected secretary of the national council of the party.[3][4]

On 29 January 2018, the party convention decided to change the name of their party from Initiative for Kosovo (Nisma për Kosovën), to the Social Democratic Initiative (Nisma Socialdemokrate).[5]