Social Democratic Party (Serbia)

The Social Democratic Party (Serbian: Социјалдемократска странка, romanized: Socijaldemokratska stranka; abbr. СДС or SDS) is a centre-left political party in Serbia.

Social Democratic Party
Социјалдемократска странка
Socijaldemokratska stranka
PresidentBoris Tadić
FounderBoris Tadić
Founded14 June 2014 (2014-06-14)
Split fromDemocratic Party
Preceded byNew Democratic Party — Greens
HeadquartersRadoslava Grujića 25, Belgrade
Political positionCentre-left
International affiliationProgressive Alliance[3][4]
National Assembly
0 / 250
(election boycott)

The party was founded and is headed by Boris Tadić, who was previously president of the Democratic Party and the former President of Serbia. Between June and October 2014, the name of the party was the New Democratic Party (Serbian: Нова демократска странка / Nova demokratska stranka, NDS).[5] In May 2019 party formed a union with Democratic Party and Together for Serbia.