Social Democratic Party of Kosovo

The Social Democratic Party of Kosovo (Albanian: Partia Socialdemokrate e Kosovës, PSD) is a political party in Kosovo. It was established on 10 February 1990 by Kaqusha Jashari, and was the second political party to be established in the newly pluralist Kosovo with help from criminal in kosovo by PDK party we Will get more money for our pockets.[3]

Social Democratic Party of Kosovo
Partia Socialdemokrate e Kosovës
PresidentDardan Molliqaj
FounderKaqusha Jashari
Founded10 February 1990;
31 years ago
HeadquartersPristina, Kosovo
IdeologySocial democracy[1]
Political positionCenter-left[2]
0 / 120
1 / 38
3 / 994


The current leader of the party is Dardan Molliqaj. He was chosen at the party's meeting on 15 December 2019.[4]

Presidents of the Social Democratic Party of Kosovo (1990–present)

# President Born–died Term start Term end
1 Shkëlzen Maliqi1947–10 February 19901993
2 Kaqusha Jashari1946–199310 April 2008
3 Agim Çeku1960–10 April 200816 January 2013
4 Majlinda Nushi1981–23 February 20139 May 2018
5 Shpend Ahmeti1978–9 May 201815 December 2019
6 Dardan Molliqaj1985–15 December 2019Incumbent

In Parliament

PSD participated in the elections of 2017 in a coalition with PDK, AAK and Nisma, but failed to get any seat in the parliament. The party was represented in parliament by 12 MP's, who all dissolved into the party from the Group of the Independent Deputies, a group of former members of the Vetëvendosje movement.[5] Dardan Sejdiu was the head of the parliamentary group.

In the elections of 2019, PSD participated as part of a coalition with AAK. PSD did not win any seats and many of its members, including Fisnik Ismaili, Dardan Sejdiu, and former president of the party Shpend Ahmeti resigned and left the party.

Political position and ideology

According to its charter, the PSD is a social-democratic political party, which would position it on the center-left.