Socialist People's Party of Montenegro

The Socialist People's Party of Montenegro (Serbian: Социјалистичка народна партија Црне Горе / Socijalistička narodna partija Crne Gore, SNP) is a socially conservative[1] social-democratic[1][2] political party in Montenegro. Party is a founding member of the For the Future of Montenegro political coalition in August 2020. Coalition won 27 seats in the 81-seat parliament of Montenegro at the 2020 election, 5 of those belonging to SNP. The party is pro-European Union and anti-NATO.

Socialist People's Party
Socijalistička narodna partija
Социјалистичка народна партија
LeaderVladimir Joković
FounderMomir Bulatović
Founded18 February 1998
Split fromDemocratic Party of Socialists
Social democracy[1][2]
Cultural conservatism
Serb ethnic interests
Historical, now factions:
Democratic socialism
Serbian–Montenegrin unionism[2]
Social conservatism[1]
Political positionFiscal: Centre-left
Social: Centre-right
European affiliationSocialists, Democrats and Greens Group
5 / 81
Municipal Parliaments
63 / 786
Party flag