Socialist Reich Party

The Socialist Reich Party (German: Sozialistische Reichspartei Deutschlands) was a West German political party founded in the aftermath of World War II in 1949 as an openly neo-Nazi-oriented split-off from the national conservative German Right Party (DKP-DRP). The party achieved some electoral success in northwestern Germany (Lower Saxony and Bremen).

Socialist Reich Party
Sozialistische Reichspartei Deutschlands
LeaderOtto Ernst Remer
Fritz Dorls
Gerhard Krüger
Founded2 October 1949
Banned23 October 1952
Split fromDeutsche Rechtspartei
Merged intoDeutsche Reichspartei[1]
Youth wingReichsjugend
Paramilitary WingReichsfront
Membershipc. 40,000[2]
Third Position[3]
Political positionFar-right
Colors  Red and   black
Party flag

The SRP was the first party to be banned by the Federal Constitutional Court in 1952.

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