Society of Entomologists of London

The Society of Entomologists of London was one of a series of brief-lived entomological societies based in London. The members met to exhibit, identify and exchange, sell or purchase insects which were sometimes very expensive as were books. Entomology was limited to the wealthy. It was a time of colonial expansion and exotica of all kinds flooded into trade centres such as London or Amsterdam. These included shells as well as insects and many entomologists collected these too.

In the 1700s people met at coffeehouses and taverns in London and several had meetings catering to specific interests. The botanists met at the Rainbow Coffee House, Watling Street, while the entomologists met at the Swan Tavern, Exchange Alley from the 1720s. These early entomologists, mainly interested in the butterflies, formed into a group and called themselves the Society of Aurelians.[1]

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