Somerset Ward

Somerset (Ward 14) is a city ward in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It covers the neighbourhoods of Downtown Ottawa, Centretown, Lebreton Flats and most of Centretown West. It is Ottawa's smallest and most dense ward. It is represented on Ottawa City Council by Catherine McKenney.[2] It has an area of 6.5 km² and a projected 2006 population of 38,500. According to Canada 2001 Census it had a population of 36,365. The ward was created in 1994 when Dalhousie Ward and Wellington Ward were merged.

Location within Ottawa
Coordinates: 45°25′N 75°42′W
  CouncillorCatherine McKenney
  Total5.8 km2 (2.2 sq mi)
  Density6,100/km2 (16,000/sq mi)
Languages (2016)
Avg. income38,202

City councillors

  1. Elisabeth Arnold (1994-2003)
  2. Diane Holmes (2003-2014)
  3. Catherine McKenney (2014–present)

Population data

Languages (mother tongue):

  • English: 60.2%
  • French: 9.9%
  • Chinese: 7.9% (inc. Mandarin, Cantonese and Chinese)
  • Vietnamese: 1.9%
  • Arabic: 1.8%
  • Italian: 1.7%
  • Spanish: 1.6%


  • Roman Catholic: 36.0%
  • No religion: 27.3%
  • Anglican: 6.7%
  • United Church: 5.2%
  • Muslim: 4.7%
  • Buddhist: 3.5%
  • Presbyterian: 1.3%
  • Baptist: 1.3%
  • Jewish: 1.0%
  • Greek Orthodox: 1.0%


  • Average household income: $51,319
  • Average income: $36,042

Election results

1994 elections

Arnold defeated Harris in a rematch of the 1991 election in Dalhousie Ward for city council.

City council
Candidate Votes %
Elisabeth Arnold4,52950.48
Peter Harris4,44349.52
Regional council
Candidate Votes %
Diane Holmes6,49676.07
Dale Curwin1,08012.64
Ross Taylor7428.69
Bill Overall2222.60

1997 elections

City council
Candidate Votes %
Elisabeth Arnold4,00478.16
Kris Schimmel1,11921.84
Regional Council
Candidate Votes %
Diane Holmes Acclaimed

2000 Ottawa municipal election

City council
Candidate Votes %
Elisabeth Arnold6,51775.77
Olivia Bradley2,08424.2

2003 Ottawa municipal election

City council
Candidate Votes %
Diane Holmes410561.62%
Dawn Pickering119517.94%
David MacDonald5678.51%
William A. Ostapyk3665.49%
Steve Sweeney1892.84%
Sotos Petrides1321.98%
Bill Driver550.83%
Mike Jung530.80%

2006 Ottawa municipal election

City council
Candidate Votes %
Diane Holmes660063.07%
Luc Lapointe178217.03%
George Guirguis149714.31%
Karen Dawe3593.43%
Idris Ben-Tahir2262.16%

2010 Ottawa municipal election

Diane Holmes is running for re-election against Don Fex, a former festival production manager and manager of a local book store, Susan Miller, a former elected School Commissioner for the Western Quebec School Board 2007, and Barkley Pollock, an unsuccessful mayoral candidate from 2006 election, and past supporter of Liberal candidate Richard Mahoney.

City council
Candidate Votes %
Diane Holmes628266.51
Don Fex202421.43
Susan Miller8108.58
Barkley Pollock3293.48

2014 Ottawa municipal election


City council
Candidate Votes %
Catherine McKenney399740.13%
Jeff Morrison168116.88%
Martin Canning163116.38%
Conor Meade8078.10%
Edward Conway5765.78%
Thomas McVeigh4344.36%
Lili V. Weemen2923.94%
Denis Schryburt2232.24%
Sandro Provenzano990.99%
Curtis Tom770.77%
Silviu Riley430.43%