Somerville College Chapel

Somerville College Chapel is the chapel of Somerville College, Oxford. The chapel is unique among Oxford colleges because it has no religious affiliation - reflecting the non-sectarian foundation of the college as place for the higher education of women.[1] It can be seen as both a manifestation of the aspirations of liberal Christianity in the interwar years, including the advancement of women and ecumenism, and of the contestation of the role of religion in higher education among elites in the same period.

Somerville College Chapel, Oxford
51°45′33.8″N 1°15′47.1″W
LocationSomerville College, Oxford, England
CountryUnited Kingdom
WebsiteOfficial website
Founder(s)Emily Georgiana Kemp
Architect(s)Courtenay Theobald
Director of musicWilliam Dawes
Organ scholarMelissa Chang, Joseph Lord
Music group(s)Choir of Somerville College
Parish administratorMonty Sharma (Chapel Director)

The chapel is made of dimension stone ashlar masonry and is located opposite Somerville College Library, on the southern side of the main quad. When he visited the chapel in the early 1970s, Sir Nikolaus Pevsner described it as bleakly classical, ashlar, of three windows with narrower altar and lobby protections, bleak also inside - unloved-looking somehow.[2]

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