A sovkhoz[lower-alpha 1] (Russian: совхо́з, IPA: [sɐfˈxos] (listen), abbreviated from советское хозяйство, "sovetskoye khozyaystvo (sovkhoz)"; Ukrainian: радгосп, romanized: radhósp) was a form of state-owned farm in the Soviet Union.[1]

1932 Socialist Realism painting, "In a pig-breeding sovkhoz" (Petr Stroev)
Headquarters of the "Leninugol" sovkhoz, Kemerovo Oblast.
Students from the Kazakh Agricultural Institute at the Novopokrovsky sovkhoz, 1991.

It is usually contrasted with kolkhoz, which is a collective-owned farm. Just as the members of a kolkhoz were called "kolkhozniks" or "kolkhozniki" (колхозники), the workers of a sovkhoz were called "sovkhozniki" (совхозники).

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