Space Panic

Space Panic (スぺース・パ二ック, Supesu Panikku) is a 1980 arcade video game developed by Universal. Predating Nintendo's Donkey Kong, and lacking a jump mechanic, Space Panic was the first game involving climbing ladders between walkable platforms. The genre was initially labeled "climbing games," but later became known as platform games.[1][2] A ColecoVision port by CBS Electronics was released in the winter holiday season of 1982.[3]

Space Panic
CBS Electronics (CV)
Coleco (CV)
Platform(s)Arcade, ColecoVision, PV-1000
ReleaseNovember 1980: Arcade
1981: PV-1000
Winter 1982: ColecoVision
Mode(s)Single-player, 2 players alternating

The original arcade game was commercially successful in Japan. It was an obscure release in North America, but a clone, Apple Panic, became a top-seller for home computers. Lode Runner (1983) later put its own spin on climbing and digging, a lineage which eventually took on the name puzzle-platform games.

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