Speaker's Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority

The Speaker's Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, or 'SCIPSA', is a body created under the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009 to scrutinise the UK's Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.[1] The committee's purposes are to approve the members of IPSA and to scrutinize and approve its estimate (or budget). The chair and members of IPSA are selected on an Address to the Queen from the House of Commons, but the names are chosen by the Speaker with the agreement of SCIPSA.[2]


The committee comprises eight MPs and three lay members. The MPs are: the Speaker of the House of Commons (who also serves as its chair), the Leader of the House of Commons, the chair of the Standards and Privileges Select Committee, and five others appointed by the House of Commons who are not Ministers of the Crown.[3] The Shadow Leader of the House has been appointed as one of the opposition members of the committee since its inception, but the act creating it does not specify she will be a member and does not assign a member to be nominated by the Leader of the Opposition as is done to provide that result with the House of Commons Commission.


The current members, as of September 2020 are:[4]

Member Party Constituency
Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP Speaker Chorley
Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP Conservative North East Somerset
Chris Bryant MP Labour Rhondda
Marion Fellows MP SNP Motherwell and Wishaw
Rt Hon Dame Cheryl Gillan MP Conservative Chesham and Amersham
Rt Hon Sir Desmond Swayne MP Conservative New Forest West
Sir Charles Walker MP Conservative Broxbourne
Rt Hon Valerie Vaz MP Labour Walsall South

The three lay members, are, as of September 2020 are Cindy Butts, Peter Blausten, and Shrinivas Honap.

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