Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan

The Speaker of the National Assembly (Urdu: اسپیکر قومی اسمبلی); informally as Speaker National Assembly, is the presiding official of the National Assembly of Pakistan– a lower house of the Parliament of Pakistan.[1]

Speaker of
the National Assembly of Pakistan
Asad Qaiser

since 15 August 2018
National Assembly of Pakistan
StyleMr. Speaker
(Informal; while presiding the house)
Honourable Speaker
StatusPresiding officer
NominatorPolitical parties
AppointerElected by the National Assembly
Term lengthAs long as the current assembly remains in power, the Speaker continues to exercise its authority
FormationConstitution of Pakistan
(12 April 1973)
First holderMuhammad Ali Jinnah
(11 August 1947)
DeputyQasim Suri
WebsiteSpeaker National Assembly

The office has its roots in 1947 and was reestablished in 1973 in accordance to the Constitution; the speaker presides over the chamber composed of people's representatives elected on the basis of universal franchise.[2] The Speaker is Second in the line of succession to the President of Pakistan and occupies fourth position in the Warrant of Precedence, after the President, the Prime Minister and the Chairman of Senate.[3] In addition, the Speaker is the spokesman of the National Assembly to the outside world, and is non-partisan in his approach.[3]

To exercise the great authority that stems from the respect, affection and consideration which every Member of the House bestows upon the holder of this high office, the Speaker shows complete impartiality in the discharge of his or her functions.[3] When the National Assembly is dissolved he or she continues in his office, till a new Speaker is elected.[3]