Speaker of the Parliament of Finland

The speaker of the Parliament of Finland (Finnish eduskunnan puhemies, Swedish riksdagens talman), along with two deputy speakers, is elected by Parliament during the first plenary session each year. Speakers are chosen for a year at a time. In addition to their preparing the work in plenary sessions the speakers also play a key role in Parliament's international co-operation, which includes visits by speakers and international delegations as well as participation in numerous interparliamentary organisations.

Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Finland
Eduskunnan puhemies
Riksdagens talman
Logo of the Parliament
Anu Vehviläinen

since 9 June 2020
Parliament of Finland
SeatHelsinki, Finland
AppointerElected by the Parliament
During the first plenary session every year
Term lengthOne year
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Finland
PrecursorSpeakers of the Diet of Finland
First holderPehr Evind Svinhufvud
DeputyTwo deputy speakers
Salary€ 13,390 per month[1]

The speaker and two deputy speakers are elected by parliament from among its members by secret ballot. After the election the speaker and deputy speakers each make the following solemn affirmation before Parliament:

"I, ..., affirm that in my office as speaker I will to the best of my ability defend the rights of the people, parliament and the government of Finland according to the Constitution."

Formally, the speaker ranks second in the protocol, after the president of Finland and before the prime minister of Finland.[2] An interim speaker is elected for the duration of government formation talks.

The title puhemies or talman has, both in Finnish and Swedish, the literal meaning 'spokesman', which has caused mild controversies in terms of sexism in language. However, according to official language authorities, the title is not easy to change to a more gender-neutral alternative due to its "strong connection to the institution and history of the Parliament".[3]