Spring 1945 offensive in Italy

The spring 1945 offensive in Italy, codenamed Operation Grapeshot, was the final Allied attack during the Italian Campaign in the final stages of the Second World War.[5] The attack into the Lombard Plain by the 15th Allied Army Group started on 6 April 1945 and ended on 2 May with the surrender of German forces in Italy.

Operation Grapeshot
Part of the Italian Campaign of the Second World War

British troops of the 5th (Huntingdonshire) Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment, part of 11th Brigade of 78th Division, pick their way through the ruins of Argenta, 18 April 1945.
Date6 April 1945 – 2 May 1945
Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and the Veneto regions, northern Italy

Allied victory


 United Kingdom

 United States
 New Zealand
Italian Resistance
 South Africa
...and others
 Italian Social Republic
Commanders and leaders
Harold Alexander
Richard McCreery
Mark Clark
Lucian Truscott
H. von Vietinghoff 
Traugott Herr  
Joachim Lemelsen  
Benito Mussolini 
Rodolfo Graziani 
Units involved

15th Army Group

Army Group C

Total: 1,333,856[1][nb 1]
5th Army:
266,883 fighting strength[1]
Eighth Army:
632,980 fighting strength[2]

Total: 585,000[3]

  • 394,000 fighting strength[3]
  • 100,000 local police units[3]
  • 91,000 lines of communication and AA troops[3]
Casualties and losses
16,258 casualties[nb 2]
incl. 2.860 killed [4]
30–32,000 casualties[nb 3]