St Giles', Oxford

St Giles' is a wide boulevard leading north from the centre of Oxford, England.[1] At its northern end, the road divides into Woodstock Road to the left and Banbury Road to the right, both major roads through North Oxford. At the southern end, the road continues as Magdalen Street at the junction with Beaumont Street to the west. Also to the west halfway along the street is Pusey Street. Like the rest of North Oxford, much of St Giles' is owned by St John's College.

St Giles' at the point where it divides into Woodstock Road (left) and Banbury Road (right) to the north.
Southern end of St Giles' Street outside the west entrance to Balliol College.
View of Martyrs' Memorial at the southern end of St Giles' with the Macdonald Randolph Hotel and Taylor Institution Library behind.

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