Stadionul Arcul de Triumf (1913)

Stadionul Naţional de Rugby Arcul de Triumf (Triumphal Arch National Rugby Stadium) was a multi-purpose stadium in Bucharest, Romania. It was used mostly for rugby games and named after the triumphal arch in Bucharest.

Stadionul Naţional de Rugby Arcul de Triumf
Former namesStadionul Tineretului
LocationBucharest, Romania
OperatorRomanian Rugby Federation
Romania national rugby union team
București Wolves
IRB Nations Cup

The stadium was demolished and replaced with the new Stadionul Arcul de Triumf.

The stadium was steeped in Romanian rugby history. It was located on the former site of the Federaţiei playing fields, where the sport was introduced to the country in the early 20th century.[1]

Between 2008 and 2013, the stadium was renovated and expanded to 7,500 seats with the help of Sector's 1 City Hall.[2]

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