Standing Bureau of the Senate of Romania

The Standing Bureau of the Senate consists of the President of the Senate, four vice-presidents, four secretaries, and four quaestors. The President of the Standing Bureau also serves as the President of the Senate. The President is elected, by secret ballot, for the duration of the legislative period. All the other members are elected at the beginning of each parliamentary session.[1]

The functions are distributed through the political groups respecting the proportions of the political composition of the Senate.

At the moment both Chambers of Parliament are constituted (the seats are validated, the Standing Bureau is elected, the political groups elect their Bureaus). Until the procedures are completed, the session is conducted by the eldest Senator (as President), aided by the two youngest Senators (as Secretaries).


Current members[2][3]
Office Name Group Since
President Crin Antonescu PNL July 2012
Vice-Presidents Ioan Chelaru PSD February 2011
Alexandru Pereș PDL December 2008
Dan Voiculescu PSD+PC
December 2008
Cristian Diaconescu Progressist February 2011
Secretaries Gheorghe David PDL December 2008
Orest Onofrei PDL December 2008
Adrian Țuțuianu PSD September 2010
Petru Filip PDL February 2011
Quaestors Radu Berceanu PDL February 2011
Gheorghe Marcu PDL February 2011
Dan-Radu Rușanu PNL December 2008
Attila Verestóy UDMR December 2008
Former members of the Standing Bureau
Former offices held by current members of the Standing Bureau
for the 2008 - 2012 legislature
Office Name Group Term start Term end
President Mircea Geoană PSD+PC
December 2008 November 2011
Vasile Blaga PDL November 2011 July 2012
Vice-Presidents Anca Boagiu PDL December 2008 September 2010
Petru Filip PDL September 2010 February 2011
Crin Antonescu PNL December 2008 September 2009
Teodor Meleșcanu PNL September 2009 February 2011
Secretaries Doina Silistru PSD+PC December 2008 September 2010
Cornel Popa PNL December 2008 February 2011
Quaestors Constantin Dumitru PDL December 2008 February 2011
Ioan Chelaru PSD+PC December 2008 February 2011

Political Groups Leaders

Although the leaders of the political groups are not members of the Standing Bureau, they have a key part in the leadership of the Senate.

Political group Constituent parties Leader Leader since - until
PDL Democratic Liberal Party Igaș Constantin-Traian 19 December 2008–4 October 2010
Cristian Rădulescu 4 October 2010–present
PSD + PC Alliance
since 2011 only PSD
Social Democratic Party
Conservative Party (until 2010)
Toma Ion 19 December 2008–1 September 2010
Ilie Sârbu 1 September 2010–present
PNL National Liberal Party
Conservative Party (since 2010)
Puiu Hașotti 19 December 2008–25 June 2012
Mario Oprea 25 June 2012–present
UDMR Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania Béla Markó 19 December 2008–present
Mixed UNPR Șerban Mihăilescu 1 November 2010–present