Public Service Commission (New Zealand)

The Public Service Commission (PSC; Māori: Te Kawa Mataaho), called the State Services Commission until 2020, is the central public service department of New Zealand charged with overseeing, managing, and improving the performance of the state sector of New Zealand and its organisations.

Public Service Commission
Te Kawa Mataaho
Agency overview
Preceding agency
  • State Services Commission
JurisdictionNew Zealand
HeadquartersLvl 10, Reserve Bank Bldg,
2 The Terrace,
Annual budgetVote Public Service
Total budget for 2019/20
Minister responsible
Agency executive
  • Peter Hughes
    Public Service Commissioner

The PSC's official responsibilities, as defined by the State Sector Act 1988,[2] include:

  • appointing and reviewing Public Service chief executives,
  • promoting and developing senior leadership and management capability for the Public Service,
  • providing advice on the training and career development of staff in the Public Service,
  • reviewing the performance of each department,
  • providing advice on the allocation of functions to and between departments and other agencies,
  • providing advice on management systems, structures, and organisations in the Public Service and Crown entities,
  • promoting, developing, and monitoring equal employment opportunities policies and programmes, and
  • any other functions with respect to the administration and management of the Public Service, as directed by the Prime Minister.

The role of PSC, as described in the four year plan, is "to work with leaders across the State Services to change the way agencies think, organise and operate".[3]

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