Statute Law Revision Act 1927

The Statute Law Revision Act 1927 (17 & 18 Geo 5 c 42) was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Statute Law Revision Act 1927[1]
Long titleAn Act for the further promoting the Revision of the Statute Law by repealing Enactments which have ceased to be in force or have become unnecessary.
Citation17 & 18 Geo 5 c 42
Royal assent22 December 1927
Other legislation
Repealed byThe Statute Law (Repeals) Act 1993, Schedule 1, Part XVI, Group 1
Status: Repealed

The enactments which were repealed (whether for the whole or any part of the United Kingdom) by this Act were repealed so far as they extended to the Isle of Man[2] on 25 July 1991.[3]

Section 2

The words "to the court of the county palatine of Lancaster or" in this section were repealed by section 56(4) of, and Part II of Schedule 11 to, the Courts Act 1971. This section was repealed by section 32(4) of, and Part V of Schedule 5 to, the Administration of Justice Act 1977.

Section 4 - Short title and extent

Section 4(2) was repealed by section 41(1) of, and Part I of Schedule 6 to, the Northern Ireland Constitution Act 1973.


Part I of the Schedule to this Act was repealed by section 1 of, and Schedule 1 to, the Statute Law Revision Act 1950.

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