Flavius Stilicho or Stilico (/ˈstɪlɪk/; c. 359 – 22 August 408) was a military commander in the Roman army who, for a time, became the most powerful man in the Western Roman Empire.[2][3] He was of Vandal origins and married to Serena, the niece of emperor Theodosius I, and became guardian for the underage Honorius.[4] After many years of victories against a number of enemies, both barbarian and Roman, a series of political and military disasters finally allowed his enemies in the court of Honorius to remove him from power, culminating in his arrest and subsequent execution in 408.[5]

Flavius Stilicho
Ivory diptych, possibly of Stilicho (right) with his wife Serena and son Eucherius, c. 395 (Monza Cathedral). It may instead depict Aetius.[1]
Bornc. 359
Died22 August 408 (aged c. 49)
Resting placeUnknown, possibly the Sarcophagus of Stilicho
OfficeConsul (400, 405 AD)
Military career
AllegianceWestern Roman Empire
Years of service382–408
RankComes et magister utriusque militiae
BattlesBattle of the Frigidus (394)
Defeated Alaric's forces in Macedonia (397)
Gildonic War (398)
Pictish War (398)
Battle of Pollentia (402)
Battle of Verona (402)
Battle of Florentia (405)
defeated Radagaisus at Ticinum (406)