Story of the Nations series

The Story of the Nations Library was a British book series started by Thomas Fisher Unwin in 1885.[1] The series was published in the USA by G. P. Putnam, though not in identical form.[2]

Number Year Author Title
1 Arthur Gilman The Story of Rome
2 James Kendall Hosmer The Jews, Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern
3 Sabine Baring-Gould Germany
4 Alfred John Church Carthage
5 John Pentland Mahaffy Alexander's Empire
6 1887 Stanley Lane-Poole The Moors in Spain
7 George Rawlinson Ancient Egypt
8 Arminius Vambery Hungary
9 Arthur Gilman The Saracens
10 1887 Emily Lawless Ireland
11 Zenaide Ragozin Chaldea
12 1888 Henry Bradley The Goths
13 Zenaide Ragozin Assyria
14 1888 Stanley Lane-Poole Turkey
15 James E. T. Rogers Holland
16 1888 Gustave Masson Mediaeval France
17 1887 Samuel Greene Wheeler Benjamin Persia
18 George Rawlinson Phoenicia
19 1888 Zenaide Ragozin Media, Babylon and Persia
20 1891 Helen Zimmern The Hansa Towns[3]
21 Alfred John Church Early Britain
22 1890 Stanley Lane-Poole The Barbary Corsairs
23 William Richard Morfill Russia
24 William Douglas Morrison The Jews under Roman Rule
25 1890 John Mackintosh (1833–1907)[4] Scotland
26 Lina Hug Switzerland
27 Susan Hale Mexico
28 Henry Morse Stephens Portugal
29 Sarah Orne Jewett The Story of the Normans
30 Charles Oman Byzantine Empire
31 Edward A. Freeman Sicily
32 Bella Duffy The Tuscan Republics
33 William Richard Morfill Poland
34 George Rawlinson Parthia
35 Greville Tregarthen Australian Commonwealth
36 1893 Henry Edward Watts Spain: From the Moorish Conquest to the Fall of Granada (711-1492, A.D.)
37 David Murray Japan
38 1894 George McCall Theal South Africa
39 Alethea Wiel Venice
40 T. A. Archer
Charles Lethbridge Kingsford
The Crusades
41 Zenaide Ragozin Vedic India
42 James Rodway West Indies and the Spanish Main
43 C. Edmund Maurice Bohemia
44 William Miller The Balkans
45 1896 John George Bourinot Canada
46 Robert Watson Frazer British India
47 André Le Bon Modern France
48 Lewis Sergeant The Franks
49 Sidney Whitman Austria
50 1898 Justin McCarthy Modern England before the Reform Bill[5]
51 1899 Robert Kennaway Douglas China[6]
52 Justin McCarthy Modern England from the Reform Bill to the Present Time
53 Martin Andrew Sharp Hume Modern Spain 1788–1898
54 Pietro Orsi Modern Italy
55 Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen Norway
56 1901 Owen Morgan Edwards Wales
57 William Miller Mediaeval Rome
58 William Francis Barry The Papal Monarchy
59 1903 Stanley Lane-Poole Medieval India under Mohammedan Rule
60 1903 Thomas William Rhys Davids Buddhist India
61 Edward Jenks Parliamentary England
62 1903 Mary Bateson Mediaeval England
63 Lionel Cecil Jane The Coming of Parliament
64 1905 Evelyn Shirley Shuckburgh The Story of Greece, From the Coming of the Hellenes to A.D. 14.
65 1908 Henry Stuart Jones The Roman Empire, BC 29–AD 476[7]