Stray Bullets (comics)

Stray Bullets is an independent American comic book series published in black and white (with color covers) by El Capitan Books and Image Comics. It is written and drawn by David Lapham.

Stray Bullets
Cover to Stray Bullets #1 (1995) by David Lapham
Publication information
FormatOngoing series
Publication dateMarch 1995 – present
No. of issues
  • Stray Bullets – 41
  • Killers – 8
  • Sunshine & Roses – 42
Creative team
Created byDavid Lapham
Written byDavid Lapham
Artist(s)David Lapham
Letterer(s)David Lapham
Editor(s)Deborah Purcell
Collected editions
Innocence of NihilismISBN 978-1-63215-113-1
Somewhere Out WestISBN 978-1-63215-377-7
Other PeopleISBN 978-1-63215-482-8
Dark DaysISBN 978-1-63215-553-5
Hi-Jinks and Derring-DoISBN 978-1-63215-733-1
KillersISBN 978-1-63215-215-2

The story deals with the often criminal and sometimes tragic misadventures of a large cast of characters and takes place from the mid-1970s through the mid-1990s. Published on an irregular basis since 1995, the comic has had close to 100 issues and is a long-time critically acclaimed series.

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