Subdivisions of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria

The Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria was subdivided into a number of counties for administrative purposes. In 1877 there were 73 administrative counties and in 1900 there were 78 counties. The administrative counties were responsible for storing vital records. The Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria was the largest and most populous crownland of Cisleithenia between 1772 and 1918. More widely, the central European region of Galicia is today split between the modern states of Poland and Ukraine. Despite having passed through several intermediate states during the great wars of the 20th century, the regions have mainly preserved their territorial integrity and continue to demarcate the jurisdiction of local government authorities in their successor states.

Administrative districts of Galicia in 1914
Administrative map comprising the voivodeships of Kraków, Lwów, Stanisławów, and Tarnopol in 1938

Administrative counties in present-day Poland

In Poland today, there are parts of three provinces (voivodeships) that collectively formed the western part of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria. [1]

Only Subcarpathia (Podkarpackie Voivodeship) was entirely contained in the Kingdom. The majority of the territory of Lesser Poland Voivodeship was contained in the Kingdom. From 1795 to 1815, three counties (powiats) that are situated north of the River Vistula were briefly part of the Kingdom: Olkusz County, Miechów County and Proszowice County. By the terms of the treaties of the Congress of Vienna they were annexed to Russian Poland ("Congress Poland") where they remained until the end of World War I. Additionally, the northernmost part of the land-county of Kraków around the villages of Sułoszowa, Skała and Słomniki were similarly allocated to Congress Russia; the remaining parts of the county were located in the Kingdom. The third voivodeship of Silesia contained only a small part of the Kingdom. The Silesian city-county of Jaworzno was originally part of the Kingdom's Chrzanowski county. The majority of the territory of the latter county is still an extant county in modern Poland - Chrzanów County - which is today located in the Lesser Poland voivodeship. The south-eastern Silesian land-counties of Żywiec County and Bielsko County along with the city-county of Bielsko-Biała formed the most westerly part of the Kingdom. The remaining 32 counties of Silesia were never part of the Kingdom.

Modern Provincial Entity Modern Counties
of the Province
Equivalent Counties
of Galicia
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Kraków (city-county) Kraków
Tarnów (city-county) Tarnów
Nowy Sącz (city-county) Nowy Sącz
Kraków County Partly in Kraków and partly in Wadowice
Nowy Sącz County Partly in Nowy Sącz, Grybów and Muszyna
Tarnów County Partly in Tarnów and Pilzno
Nowy Targ County Nowy Targ (northern part)
Wadowice County Wadowice
Oświęcim County Partly in Biala and partly in Wadowice
Chrzanów County Chrzanów
Limanowa County Limanowa
Myślenice County Myślenice eastern part)
Gorlice County Gorlice
Wieliczka County Wieliczka
Bochnia County Bochnia
Brzesko County Brzesko
Sucha County Myślenice western part)
Tatra County Nowy Targ (southern part)
Dąbrowa County Dąbrowa
Silesian Voivodeship
Jaworzno (city-county) Chrzanów (western part)
Bielsko-Biała (city-county) Biala
Bielsko County Biala
Żywiec County Żywiec
Subcarpathia voivodeship
Rzeszów city-county Rzeszów (partly)
Przemyśl city-county Przemyśl
Tarnobrzeg city-county Tarnobrzeg (part of)
Krosno city-county Krosno
Rzeszów County Rzeszów (partly)
Mielec County Mielec
Dębica County Pilzo (partly)
Jarosław County Jarosław (eastern part)
Jasło County Jasło
Krosno County Krosno
Lubaczów County Lubaczów
Stalowa Wola County Northern part in Tarnobrzeg
and southern part in Nisko
Sanok County Sanok
Przeworsk County Jarosław (western part)
Łańcut County Łańcut (south of the river Wisłoka)
Ropczyce-Sędziszów County Ropczyce
Przemyśl County Przemyśl (To the north) and
Dobromil (To the south)
Leżajsk County Łańcut (north of the river Wisłoka)
Nisko County Nisko
Brzozów County Brzozów
Strzyżów County Strzyżów
Kolbuszowa County Kolbuszowa
Tarnobrzeg County Tarnobrzeg (western part)
Lesko County Lesko (western part)
Bieszczady County Lesko (eastern part)
(Ceded by the USSR)

Administrative raions in present-day Ukraine

In Ukraine today, there are three provinces (oblasts) that formed the eastern part of the Kingdom of Galicia. Two of these, Lviv Oblast and Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast were entirely contained in the kingdom; the third oblast of Ternopil was mainly in the kingdom apart from four of its most northerly counties (raions). These four counties, Kremenets Raion, Shumsk Raion, Lanivtsi as well as the northern half of Zbarazh Raion, were formerly part of the county of Krzemieniec in the Wolyn voivodeship (province) of the Second Polish Republic during the interwar period. Prior to World War I, they were part of Congress Poland. They never formed part of the Kingdom of Galicia. The remaining counties of Ternopil Oblast were all part of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria.

Modern Oblast of
Modern Raions of
the Oblast
Equivalent Counties
of Galicia
Lviv Oblast Brody Raion Southern part of
Brody county.
Brody city-county Brody
Busk Raion Złoczów
Busk city-county Złoczów
Drohobych Raion Drohobycz
Drohobych city-county Drohobycz
Horodok Raion Grodek (southern part) and
Rudky (southern part)
Kamianka-Buzka Raion Kamionka
Mostyska Raion Mosciska
Mykolaiv Raion Żydaczów (Only the northern
part of the county.)
Peremyshliany Raion Przemyślany and the northern
part of Bóbrka
Pustomyty Raion Lviv county
Radekhiv Raion Northern part of Brody county and
northern part of Kamionka.
Sambir Raion Sambor and Rudky
Skole Raion All of the old county of Stryj
south of modern Stryi Raion.
Sokal Raion To the north Sokal and
To the south Rawa-Ruska.
Staryi Sambir Raion Stari Sambor
Stryi Raion Stryj (Only the northern part
of the county.)
Turka Raion Turka
Yavoriv Raion Jaworów and
Grodek (northern part)
Zhovkva Raion To the north Rawa-Ruska and
To the south Żółkiew
Zhydachiv Raion Żydaczów (Excluding the
northern part of the county.)
Zolochiv Raion Eastern part of Żółkiew county and
western part of Peremyshliany.
Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast
Bohorodchany Raion
Verkhovyna Raion
Halych Raion Stanislavov
Halych (City)
Horodenka Raion
Horodenka (City)
Dolyna Raion
Dolyna (City)
Kalush Raion
Kalush (City)
Kolomyia Raion
Kolomyia (City)
Kosiv Raion
Kosiv (City)
Nadvirna Raion
Nadvirna (City)
Rohatyn Raion
Rohatyn (City)
Rozhniativ Raion
Rozhniativ (City)
Sniatyn Raion
Sniatyn (City)
Tysmenytsia Raion
Tysmenytsia (City)
Tlumach Raion
Tlumach (City)
Ternopil Oblast
Berezhany Raion Western part of
Brzeżany county.
Borshchiv Raion Borszczów
Buchach Raion Buczacz county
Chortkiv Raion Czortków and the southern part
Kopychyntsi county
Husiatyn Raion Kopychyntsi
Kozova Raion Eastern part of Brzeżany county
except for the city of Brzeżany itself.
Monastyryska Raion Western part of Buczacz county.
Pidhaitsi Raion Western part of Podhajce county.
Pidvolochysk Raion Skalat county and the
eastern part of Zbaraż county
Terebovlia Raion Trembowla county in the east and
Podhajce county in the west.
Ternopil Raion Tarnopol county
Zalishchyky Raion Zalishchyky
Zbarazh Raion The western part of Zbaraż county
and the southern part of
Brody county.
Zboriv Raion Zborów county

Carpathian Ruthenia, today largely contained in the Ukrainian oblast of Zakarpattia, was never part of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria nor of modern Poland. Instead, it was part of transleithanian lands of the Kingdom of Hungary.

Jewish Administrative Centers

The government assigned some towns the status of Jewish Administrative Center. These Administrative Centers were responsible for maintaining Jewish vital records.

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