Suburban Records

Suburban Records is a record label based in the Netherlands. In 1999 Suburban Records, the inhouse label of Suburban Marketing & Distribution was created giving a home to bands like Peter Pan Speedrock, El Guapo Stuntteam, Hermano, Astrosoniq, Keith Caputo and the latest signings Shaking Godspeed, Paceshifters and Gingerpig.[citation needed]

Suburban Records
FounderRonald Draijer
GenreRock, indie rock, heavy metal, stoner metal
Country of originNetherlands
LocationHaarlem, Netherlands
Official websiteWebsite

Suburban's philosophy is to form and maintain a healthy music industry within the Benelux. Suburban is convinced that there has to be a strong platform for non-mainstream musical products in general, and for the popular (heavy) rock in particular.[citation needed]

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