Sultan Agung of Mataram

Sultan Anyakrakusuma is known as Sultan Agung (Javanese: ꦱꦸꦭ꧀ꦠꦤ꧀ꦲꦒꦸꦁꦲꦢꦶꦥꦿꦧꦸꦲꦚꦏꦿꦏꦸꦱꦸꦩ, romanized: Sultan Agung Adi Prabu Anyakrakusuma) was the third Sultan of Mataram in Central Java ruling from 1613 to 1645. He was a skilled soldier who conquered neighbouring states and expanded and consolidated his kingdom to its greatest territorial and military power.

Sultan Agung
Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Maulana Matarani al-Jawi
Portrait of Sultan Agung
3th Sultan of Mataram
Preceded byDuke Martapura
Succeeded byAmangkurat I
BornRaden Mas Jatmika
Kutagede, Mataram
Died1645 (aged 51–52)
Karta, Mataram
Astana Kasultan Agungan
Queen consortRatu Kulon (first)
Ratu Wetan (second)
Regnal name
Sampeyan Dalem Ingkang Sinuhun Kangjeng Sultan Agung Adi Prabu Anyakrakusuma Senapati ing Ngalaga Abdurrahman Sayyidin Panatagama Khalifatullah Tanah Jawi
Posthumous name
Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Maulana Matarani al-Jawi
MotherDyah Banawati
National Hero of Indonesia
S.K. President No. 106 / TK / 1975 dated November 3, 1975.

Sultan Agung or Susuhunan Agung (literally, "Great Sultan" or "Majestic Sultan") is subject to a substantial amount of literature due to his legacy as a Javanese ruler, a fighter against the incursions of the Dutch East India Company, a conqueror, and his existence within a cultural framework where myth and magic are intertwined with verifiable historical events and personages. The Dutch literature wrote his name as Agoeng de Grote (literally, "Agung the Great").

For his service as a fighter and cultural observer, Sultan Agung has been declared as National Hero of Indonesia on November 3, 1975.

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