Sunday Sport

The Sunday Sport is a British tabloid newspaper that was founded by David Sullivan in 1986. It does not publish journalism, instead featuring sensationalized, fictionalized, and satirical content alongside celebrity gossip, sports coverage, and numerous images of topless female glamour models.[2]

Sunday Sport
TypeSunday newspaper
Owner(s)David Sullivan
PublisherSunday Sport (2011) Ltd[1]
(original publisher Sport Newspapers)
EditorNick Appleyard
Political alignmentNone (yellow journalism)
HeadquartersCity View House 5 Union Street, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 4JD, United Kingdom

The Sunday Sport has printed many entirely concocted stories, including a London bus being discovered at the Antarctic, a World War II bomber on the Moon, and a statue of Elvis Presley on Mars.[3] It contains extensive advertising for sexual services.[4] A sister title, the Daily Sport, was published from 1991 to 2011.

Currently, the tabloid appears three times a week as the Sunday Sport (Sundays), the Midweek Sport (Wednesdays), and the Weekend Sport (Fridays). Due to its emphasis on nudity and sexual content, it is available only in select outlets.