Sunny Hundal

Sunny Hundal (born 1977) is a British journalist, blogger and academic.

Sunny Hundal
Alma materBrunel University London
Years active2006–present
Known forJournalism, Blogging, Academia
RelativesJagraj Singh

Born in London to Sikh parents of Indian origin, Hundal has a degree in economics from Brunel University. He is best known as the founder and editor of the centre-left group blog Liberal Conspiracy. The Guardian's website named him as their blogger of the year in 2006.[1] Hundal has also written for publications including The Guardian, The Financial Times and The Independent.

In June 2019, he helped to found a progressive news aggregator, Front Page Live, where he serves as Editorial Director UK.[2] He is also a journalist-in-residence at Kingston University.[3]

Hundal is a Covenor of the cross-party political movement, More United.[4]


Hundal has founded and edited a number of politically progressive websites: Liberal Conspiracy,[5] a group weblog about politics and media, Asians in Media,[6] Barfi Culture community websites,[7] the Pickled Politics weblog,[8] and the New Generation Network in 2006, a group and manifesto that attempted to challenge the current discourse on race relations in the UK. All these have been wound up.

In February 2007 he made a BBC radio documentary Lost in Translation about Asian brides brought to the UK.[9] The BBC also quoted his claim that Shahrukh Khan's endorsement of skin-lightening creams was "completely immoral".[10]

In June 2019, he helped to found a progressive news aggregator, Front Page Live, together with Joe Romm, its Editor-in-Chief, Carl Cameron, Laura Dawn, Helen Stickler and others. He serves as Editorial Director UK at Front Page Live.[2]

Political stances

In 2008, he wrote a blog post saying that non-white voters should consider voting Conservative, on the basis that "brown people" were being deliberately targeted by anti-terrorism legislation brought in by the New Labour government of Gordon Brown.[11] In 2010, on his Liberal Conspiracy blog, he backed the Liberal Democrats in the UK General Election.[12]

About three months after the formation of the Cameron–Clegg coalition, Hundal joined the Labour Party to influence its political direction.[13] In August 2010 Hundal backed Ed Miliband in the Labour leadership election.[14]

Hundal has criticised various religious organisations including the Islamist Hizb ut-Tahrir,[15][16] the Muslim Council of Britain,[17] Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK,[17] Christian Concern For Our Nation,[16] Sikh Federation[18] and Hindu Forum of Britain.[18] He has been awarded the Fourth IRDS Awards for Print Media for fighting against religious obscurantism, awarded by the Lucknow-based Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (IRDS).[19]

In 2014 he defended the Tricycle Theatre's decision to boycott the UK Jewish Film Festival as a result of a £1,400 donation the festival received from the Israeli Embassy.[20]

A vegetarian, he describes himself as a strong environmentalist.[21]

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