Super Eurobeat

Super Eurobeat (Japanese: スーパー ユーロビート, Hepburn: Sūpā Yūrobīto, abbreviated SEB; officially stylized as SUPER EUROBEAT) is a series of compilation album in Japan. The series itself is one of the longest-running music compilations. It has been running for over thirty years and the current list consists of 250 volumes (not counting the many "Super Eurobeat presents" albums).

Super Eurobeat
Super Eurobeat Vol. 162 cover art
Compilation album

Originally, the series began as EMI Records. After eight non-stop albums, the series was changed over to Avex Trax. The first 10 volumes of Super Eurobeat are mostly Italo disco, which is quite different from the modern Eurobeat. The slower beats and serious '80s tone make this music stand out from the rest.[1]

The term "Super Eurobeat" is sometimes misunderstood and misused outside Japan as a music genre (which is synonymous to the Eurobeat genre used in the Japanese market).

The last volume originally was considered: Super Eurobeat Vol. 250 but in a recent interview with SEB Adviser and resident DJ, DJ BOSS (Y&Co. Ltd.) he confirmed that Super Eurobeat would definitely be continuing but as a yearly release only, starting with "The Best of Super Eurobeat 2019".[2]

Most SEB albums feature the same group of artists, most of which are aliases, such as the following: Pamsy, Cherry, Rich Hard, Dream Fighters, Dave Rodgers, Manuel, Hotblade, and more.

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