Tabloid journalism

Tabloid journalism is a popular style of largely sensationalist journalism (usually dramatized and sometimes unverifiable or even blatantly false), which takes its name from the format: a small-sized newspaper (half broadsheet).[1] The size became associated with sensationalism, and tabloid journalism replaced the earlier label of yellow journalism and scandal sheets.[2] Not all newspapers associated with tabloid journalism are tabloid size, and not all tabloid-size newspapers engage in tabloid journalism; in particular, since around the year 2000 many broadsheet newspapers converted to the more compact tabloid format.[1]

Display rack of British tabloids.

In some cases, celebrities have successfully sued for libel, demonstrating that tabloid stories have defamed them.[3]

Publications engaging in tabloid journalism are known as rag newspapers.

Tabloid journalism has changed over the last decade to more online platforms that seek to target and engage youth consumers with celebrity news and entertainment.