Suriname Air Force

The Suriname Air Force (Dutch: Surinaamse Luchtmacht) is the air component of the Military of Suriname. All aircraft of the Suriname Air Force undertake border patrols, utility transport, and search and rescue missions from Zorg en Hoop Airport, the Air Force's main base. Aircraft are occasionally transferred to other air bases in the nation, which include Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport, Major Fernandes Airfield, Albina Airstrip, and Moengo Airstrip. The head of the Suriname Air Force is the Commander of the Air Force, currently Lieutenant Colonel Marven van Huisduinen, who took over the role in March 2019 from former Commander Robert Kartodikromo.[1] The Air Force is further split into several wings, including the Helicopter Wing, the current Commander of which being Captain John-Marc Arron.

Suriname Air Force
Surinaamse Luchtmacht
Suriname Air Force roundel
Founded1982; 41 years ago (1982)
Country Suriname
TypeAir force
Size5 aircraft
Part ofSuriname National Army
HeadquartersZorg en Hoop Air Force Base
Lieutenant Colonel Marven van Huisduinen [1]
Major Eddie Djoe (first Air Force Commander), Captain John-Marc Arron (Commander of the Helicopter Wing)
Fin flash
Aircraft flown
HelicopterHAL Chetak

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