Sustainable Initiative

The Sustainable Initiative (Swedish: Hållbart initiativ, Hi) is a political party on the Åland Islands.

Sustainable Initiative
Hållbart initiativ
LeaderAlfons Röblom
Annette Bergbo
Founded2014 (initial)
17 June 2019 (as a political party)
IdeologyGreen politics[1]
Political positionCentre-left
Nordic affiliationCentre Group
Coloursgreen, blue, red
Parliament of Finland (MP of Åland)
0 / 1
Parliament of Åland
2 / 30


Sustainable Initiative was officially formed as a political party in June 2019 ahead of that year's elections.[2] Prior, it had been an unregistered political movement.[3]

The party received 8.3% of the vote in those elections, winning two of the 30 seats in Parliament,[4] and improving their result from the 2015 elections by over 7 percentage points. In the municipal election the party won in total of four seats: two in Mariehamn, one in Lemland and one in Hammarland.[5]

It is a member party of the Centre Group of the Nordic Council.[6]


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