Swedish Coastal Artillery

The Swedish Coastal Artillery (Swedish: Kustartilleriet, KA) has its origin in the Archipelago Artillery that was raised in 1866. The Coastal Artillery was formed from the Archipelago Artillery, the Marine Regiment and parts of the Artillery in 1902. Kustartilleriet, abbreviated KA, was an independent branch within the Swedish Navy until July 1, 2000, when the Swedish Coastal Artillery was disbanded and reorganised as the Swedish Amphibious Corps. The changed name and new structure were to reflect the new tasks that the old Coastal Artillery had moved to after the end of the Cold War and the demise of the Warsaw Pact.

Swedish Coastal Artillery
Coat of arms.
AllegianceSwedish Armed Forces (1901–2000)
BranchSwedish Navy
TypeCoastal troops
RoleAmphibious warfare
Anti-aircraft warfare
Coastal defence and fortification
Cold-weather warfare
Counter-battery fire
SizeFive regiments
March"För kustartilleriet" (Åke Dohlin)[1]
Insignia m/60