Swedish National Audit Office

The Swedish National Audit Office (Swedish: Riksrevisionen) is the agency responsible for oversight of the state finances through financial and performance-based audits of state agencies, state-owned companies and the Government of Sweden. It serves directly under the Riksdag and is therefore independent of the Cabinet. All state agencies are required to submit copies of their annual accounts and reports to this office for review.[1]

Swedish National Audit Office
Agency overview
Formed1 July 2003 (2003-07-01)
Preceding agencies
  • Statskontoret (1680–1920)
  • Riksdagens revisorer (1867–2003)
  • Riksräkenskapsverket (1920–1963)
  • Riksrevisionsverket (1963–2003)
Headquarters Stockholm

The mission of the Swedish National Audit Office is to examine the government's activities in order to contribute to the effective management of state administration. The agency is led by three Auditors General (riksrevisorer) who are appointed for seven-year terms without the possibility of re-appointment. The Auditors General decide independently on aspects of the state government to be audited, how to do its investigations. The independence of the office and the Auditors General is specified in Chapter 13 of the Regeringsformen, which is part of the Constitution of Sweden. The current Auditors General for the period 2017–2024 are Stefan Lundgren, Ingvar Mattson and Helena Lindberg.