Swedish People's Party of Finland

The Swedish People's Party of Finland (Swedish: Svenska folkpartiet i Finland (SFP); Finnish: Suomen ruotsalainen kansanpuolue (RKP)) is a political party in Finland aiming to represent the interests of the minority Swedish-speaking population of Finland.[3][4][5] The party is currently participating in the government of Sanna Marin, holding the positions of Minister of Justice and Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality.

Swedish People's Party of Finland
Svenska folkpartiet i Finland
Finnish nameSuomen ruotsalainen kansanpuolue
LeaderAnna-Maja Henriksson
HeadquartersSimonsgatan 8 A
Helsingfors, Finland
Student wingLiberala Studerande LSK [sv][1]
Youth wingSvensk Ungdom
Women's wingSvenska Kvinnoförbundet[1]
Membership (2016)30,000[2]
Political positionCentre
European affiliationAlliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
International affiliationLiberal International
European Parliament groupRenew Europe
Nordic affiliationCentre Group
Colours  Blue
Parliament (including Åland Coalition)
10 / 200
European Parliament
1 / 14
463 / 8,999

An ethnic catch-all party,[6] the party's main election issue has been since its inception the Swedish-speaking Finns' right to their own language and to maintain the position of the Swedish language in Finland.[7] Ideologically, it is liberal-centrist[8] or social-liberal,[9] and it sits at the centre of the political spectrum,[10] and identifies as pro-European.[11] The party was in governmental position 1979–2015 with one or two seats in the government and collaborated with the centre-right as well as the centre-left parties in the Parliament of Finland.

The fact that both the Finnish centre-right and centre-left have needed the support from the party has meant that they have been able to affect politics of Finland on a larger scale than the party's actual size would suggest. The position of the Swedish language as one of two official languages in Finland and the Swedish-speaking minority's right to the Swedish culture are two of the results of the party's influence in Finnish politics. The party is a member of the Liberal International, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe and Renew Europe. The youth organisation of the party is called Svensk Ungdom ("Swedish Youth").